Location, and conceal weapon license?

by Mr. Suzuki
(Ft. Myers, Florida, U.S.A.)

Where in Fort Myers, Florida can I find a Kendo Dojo, and also buying the proper tools such as a katana, uniform.

I have a concealed license for Florida, so am I allowed to carry a katana in public spaces? I know I can carry a concealed gun, but I’m not sure about carrying a katana in public spaces? Please advise, and thank you Sensei.

Best regards,

Robert Suzuki

Answer: Thank you for your question. Regarding a dojo, please go to AUSKF regional dojo page. If you cannot find any dojo close to you on the Internet, the best thing is to contact these regional federations.

About carrying the sword. I don’t know. You probably should ask the local police department? I cannot give you an advice on this matter. Sorry about that. I hope other people can help you with that.

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