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Mar 29, 2017
One thing I didn't understand
by: Felipe

Sensei, thanks for the explanation. But there's still one thing I didn't understand.

If my leg is already stretched, why can I strike quickly? Sounds weird to me, although I have noticed that while doing keiko.

My senpai told me that I can strike from a far distance, so I guess I should try this stance sometimes. Do you have any advice about this, besides paying attention to not ruin my posture?

Thank you.

Kendo-Guide.Com: You have a wider stance, right? That means you are already lunging, in a way. So you need strength to push your body forward. And because of the lunging stance, you can save time to deliver your body forward. The reason you think you are slow is that you probably don’t know how you should strike from that stance without switching your feet.

Since your stance is wide like lunging, you shouldn't lift your hands up too high. You will lose balance. This requires a small strike. And you need to snap up your back foot so you should kick the floor and pull your body up. This requires strength.

Hope this helps.

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