Lefties Are Frowned Upon Because They're Better?

by Musashi

I know that you're supposed to do everything basically with your right hand when it comes to kendo, but is that simply because lefties become the better warriors once trained?

I've heard it said that they held/hold unfair advantages in sword fights, and was wondering if that's why it's frowned upon being a left-handed swordsman; because you end up being better. I mean, we've all heard what happens when you try to switch a lefty to a righty, it just doesn't go well, or, even if it does, they're never at their full potential.

Wouldn't it be better if everyone just learned to use their dominant hand? You'd have a faster learning pace, less setbacks, more coordination, and an overall more efficient swing, wouldn't you?

Answer: Thank you for your question. I think these articles give you a fairly good idea about why we have our hands placed as they are now.

What kind of person would become better than others is not because of which hand is better. Simply they train harder than others and they never give up.

Hope this helps.

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