Learning Kendo and Iaido

by F

Would it be beneficial to learn both Kendo and Iaido at the same time?

Answer: Thank you for your question! if you haven’t started doing any of the martial arts, I suggest you should do kendo first. Through my experience, the kendo movements are more active and hard to coordinate. Iaido, on the other hand, is calmer. If you learn kendo properly, it is easier to do iaido.

That is my general opinion about learning iaido and kendo. When I say iaido, I am talking about Seitei Iai (All Japan Kendo Federation Iai).

Now having said that, it depends on you. They benefit each other. I can tell you that because I study both. So, you should study both. But at the same time, it depends on how well you can differentiate them. As long as you don’t get confused, you should do both at the same time, but if you think you get mixed both up, then you should do kendo first.

That is my honest opinion.


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