Learning alone, with the wrong sword too.

by Lauren
(Montgomery, WV, USA)

I recently acquired a wooden wakizashi, and I wanted to learn how to use it. I'd like to get a real sword someday, when I have the money, and it would be good to at least be able to use it a little.

My question is, is it possible to do this alone? And also, would Kendo be appropriate for this, or should I look into other styles?

Answer: Thank you for your question. If you want to learn only how to use a sword then you should look for an iaido dojo or kenjutsu dojo. Mind you though, it is very hard to find a good one so you should be very careful with that.

If a dojo is affiliated to International Kendo Federation that is also in charge of Iaido, that dojo should be OK. Of course there are many other federations out there but since I am a kendō person, I only know how things work with International Kendo Federation.

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