Kyu exam

by Agchan
(South Korea)

When do you think a beginner in kendo should take a kyu exam?

I have been forced into an extensive training followed by two exams. I am the 4th kyu...which I achieved at the cost of 6 kilograms I lost during exactly 4 months.

I cannot help thinking that at my level I just do not deserve the certificate. Still, I feel I should not criticize my teacher again :(

Secondly, I heard Koreans using a word "supari" while defining some regulations concerning behavior in a dōjō.

It is NOT an original Korean word.

Is it possible that the word comes from Japanese, supari (one cut..?)??

I beg your pardon if I have made an error; I'm learning Japanese on my own and my progress is terribly slow.

Answer: First of all, this system cannot recognise Japanese characters so I had to use English for "Suparu”. I apologize for that.

 If you pass a kyu exam, you deserve it. So do not feel bad about taking a kyu exam.  Exams are to know what level you are at so unless you are a super beginner (less than 3 months of training), you can take a kyu exam.

Of course, each dōjō has different rules on such matter as well. I did not take any dan exams when I was in Japan unless my sensei told me that I was ready for a dan exam.

Now the word, supari. I have no idea. First, I thought it would be "suburi” but it has nothing to do with behaviour in dōjō. Does anyone know what it is?

Sorry that  my answer is not very useful.

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