Kirikaeshi main points for mudansha

by Olga

What points in kirikaeshi should mudansha concentrate his/her attention on during training? And  what can be expected from mudansha in kirikaeshi during grading exam?

For example, if you are grading on 6-4 kyu you should demonstrate strong kiai and knowledge of basic movements or so.

If you are grading on 3-1 kyu you should demonstrate strong kiai, maai, correctness and accuracy of strikes (or may be speed? i.e. you should be quick more than accurate in strikes or vice versa; you should move in steps or jumping, etc.).

I understand that every sensei has his/her own criteria, so please share your opinion here or some other points of view you are familiar with.

Answer: In my opinion, up to 1 kyu, we should acquire the bascis. The basics include

- loud kiai

- big cuts

- maai (distance)

- foot work (good okuri-ashi performance)

- ki ken tai icchi

For 1 kyu,

- should perform all of the above with smooth (not fast) movements.

- in jigeiko, I would like to see small cuts for 1 kyu grading

I don’t give 1 kyu when I see

- ayumi-ashi or tsugi-ashi before striking in the basics and

-  bad arm-foot coordination in kirikaeshi.

Arm-foot coordination seems very difficult in kirikaeshi especially when a striker is going backwards.

What they have to do is

- to have their sword up when the left foot goes backwards. And

- when striking the right foot comes backwards.

This is very important to get the real understandings of ki ken tai icchi.

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May 16, 2010
3 things
by: Anonymous

yuukuri, ookiku, tadashiku.


Translation: Slowly, Big, Correctly :)

May 15, 2010
arm-foot coordination
by: Olga

Wow, that is the shortest and most understandable description of arm-foot coordination in kirikaeshi I have ever heard!


Kendo-Guide.Com: You?re very welcome. Good to be a help!

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