Kensaki no hataraki

by Welton fernandes

I used Google Translate, I apologize if it gets confusing. I remember my sensei talking about this term, kensaki no hataraki, but I didn't find anything specific on the internet. Does it really exist? If so, what would it be? I also remember seeing something like "quickly move the tip of the shinai", any tips on that? Thank you very much.

Answer: Thank you for your questions. The translation is understandable. No problem.

1. Kensaki no Hataraki: This means the “functions of Kensaki”. It could mean anything but you need to make sure to use your kensaki to take the centre. That means you need to move it effectively. Of course, sometimes, you need to take your shinai off the centre as a bait so your opponent will strike you and then you will execute your counterattack.

2. Quickly move the tips of the shinai: Only looking at this phrase is hard to guess what it means but it can be a part of the functions of kensaki. You can move it quickly or slowly. It depends on what works on your opponent.
Did I explain them well?

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