Men Nari
A Tool to Improve Kendo By Sound

Ever Wondered If You Are Doing Suburi Correctly? 

Wanting to Make Your Strikes Shaper?

A great tool is invented for you to check your suburi and increase the sharpness of your strikes. 

The tool is called Men-Nari invented by Hiromitsu Yoshida sensei (8-dan) in Yamaguchi, Japan. This is how it works.


Length (approx.)

Weight (approx.)

Type L:

  • Choose this if you are using 37 or longer

70cm (27.56 in)

630g (1.4 lbs)

Type S:

  • Choose this if you are using 36 or shorter

62cm (24.41 in)

582g (1.3 lbs)

As seen in the video, this tool teaches you how well your strike is by making a sound. If you do it right, you can increase the sharpness of your strikes!

My students liked this very much and we had a great fun. 

If you are interested in this product, please fill out the form. I will order yours from Yoshida sensei and he will send it to me. But it has to be more than 20 to order, that is why I need to know how many of you actually interested. 

I will let you know how much it will be once we get the idea of how many actually interested but it would be roughly $150. But I will let you know by email how much it will be. 

You don’t have to pay anything until you actually make a purchase when I make an announcement when it is actually available to you. 

Go ahead and fill out the form below. At the moment, I am taking orders from only US residents. If you are a non-US resident and want to order one, please email me using the contact form here.

If you want to order type L and S, please let me know after you fill out the form. Also if you want to order more than 15, you can also let me know after filling out the form.

Thank you!

The First Application for Men Nari is Closed. 
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Thank you!