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Kendo dojo search is a pain in the neck. I've had many questions about dojos' location. But I myself have to google a dojo for them.

So I have created a dojo search. It is not a perfect but it can give you a pretty good result.

All you have to do is to type a city name, region name, state name or country name in a search box.

You may have to add the word, dojo, to get a better search result for dojos in European countries.

Scroll all the way down for your search result.

If you cannot get a good result, please go to an International Kendo Federation Affiliate Countries page.

Firstly, you will find regions. And click on a region where you want to find a dojo.

Secondly, click a country.

Lastly, you can find an area or a city.

If you could not find a dojo near you, do not give up. These lists may be not updated. Contact a person who is in charge of the region where you are looking for a dojo. You may be able to get unlisted dojo information.

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