Kendo with Shoto only

by Christian

In my dōjō, we had a discussion about fighting with shōtō against shinai (like in the kata 8 - 10).  I tried it out (it was not nitō, only with the short sword) and for me it was a very amazing experience to see techniques (i.e. suriage men), distance and footwork (i.e. very fast in and out) in another connexion.

What do you think about learning kendo (after the basics) related to the Nihon Kendo Kata?

Answer:: I think it is a good idea. Practice kata in bōgu is also a method to understand what is going on in kata too. It is harder than people think :)

I sometimes train with a shōtō. I like it because it makes me think.  Of course, it is not for a shiai but if we really want to know how shōtō works, we probably should try it in jigeiko sometimes, especially, if you start learning kata with kodachi.

This is my personal opinion so if your sensei don't agree with it, don't go against his/her teachings.

Hope this helps.

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