Kendo with carpal tunnel

by Hannah

I’ve been wanting to get into some form of MMA most likely kendo, but I have carpal tunnel. I was wondering what the weight of the swords typically are and if you guys think it’s still a good idea to go for it?

Answer: Hi! thank you for your question! The weight of the sword (shinai) is about 500g. It varies depending on its length. And also if you want to participate in an official tournament, you need to use a proper size for your age.

If you have a carpal tunnel, you will quite likely feel a lot of pains. Tendonitis is another common injury in kendo due to repetitive wrists movements.

My suggestion is that you should give it a go and see what happens. Most of kendo practitioners have some kinds of injuries. They find some ways to cope with the injuries. So, I don’t want to say there is no chance for you. But also some must stop practicing because of their injuries.

Good luck!

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