Cool Kendo t-shirts and Kendo Promoting Products!

Gotokukan T-shirt with Kendo For Life

Who does not want to wear cool Kendo t-shirts?

Don't you want to wear a cool kendō t-shirts? Imagine yourself walking around with a cool kendō t-shrit on. Not only you attract people, but also you can promote kendō and recruit new members locally!

The Kendo For Life Products Online Shop carries very simple design because you can ADD your taste to it so YOU want to wear it! So all the products can be customized.

The most important thing is that you think it is cool and want to wear it ALL the TIME. So kendō will be exposed to more people in your community!

If you want to delete Kendo For Life trademark, you can. But if you can keep it there on your t-shirt, one day when you meet someone with a Kendo For Life tee you can be buddies right away!

How to Get Kendo For Life t-shirts

Please take a look at the table below and see if there is a shop in your country. Kendo For Life, LLC is using a company called Zazzle.Com so if that company has a branch in your country, you can get Kendo For Life product without paying international shipping fees.

After you designed your own t-shirt and had it delivered to you, wear it and show it off at this "Show Off Your T-Shirt" page.

It does not matter if you use a Kendo For Life t-shirt to show off your design.You can post your own t-shirt too.

But if you design your own t-shirt with a Kendo For Life t-shirt, please show us the Kendo For Life logo, so I will be super happy!

I really want to see your design and I am sure the kendoists all over the world want to see your cool t-shirt too!

How to Customize Your T-shirt

You may get confused when you first use the “customize” function because it took me a while to figure out how. But once you figure it out, it is pretty simple.

To save your time, I have an ebook, "Make Your Own Cool Kendō T-Shirt! How To Customize Kendo For Life T-shirts", ready for you.

The Ebook is located in a password protected page. To get the Ebook, simply fill out the form below and I will send you the link and password to download the Ebook (pdf).

You will receive a confirmation email and after you confirm, you will get the link and password to the page.

You may receive some product info of Kendo For Life, LLC or some info of something I found on the Internet once in a while. If you don't want to receive any info, you can simply unsubscribe anytime you want.

Now enjoy!

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