Kendo For Life Memberships

Kendo For Life Members area is prepared for those who really want to learn kendo and study it deeply; from the basics to the applied techniques. 

There are multiple memberships available at the moment. You can choose which level of the membership fits your needs.

Kendo Study Group: Tons of video clips available from the dojo where I instruct. This has been free for a long time but the membership system is outdated and its developer doesn't upgrade it anymore. This creates a lot of system malfunctioning. So this will be closed soon. At the moment, this is gradually shifting to Level 0: Bronze Membership at Patreon.Com. Please become a member of Bronze Membership to be a part of promoting and education others about kendo with historical and cultural values. 

Kendo For Life Multiple Memberships: Like Bronze membership mentioned above, there are several more membership levels.

Each membership receives different types of services such as access to all the instruction videos and PDF files. When you become a platinum member, I will review your video once per month or I can Skype chat with you. Find out more about the membership

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