Kendo kata #6

by Ken

Sensei, while reading Inoue Yoshihiko's book Kendo Kata: Essence and Application Translated by Alex Bennett on page 167 question #6 states that suriage in kata #5 & #6 is done with the left shinogi, but on page 81 instruction of kata #6 it says to do suriage with the right shinogi, can you clarify which is correct?

Answer: Thank you for your question and sorry about the delay of my reply.

Since I do not own a copy of the book (I should!), I cannot read the page to comprehend what’s been written more deeply.

Suriage in No.6 should be done with tie right shinogi.

As mentioned above, I cannot read the page myself so I cannot check what has been said.

Many senseis have their own theories or share what they studied with us. So it is possible that Inoue sensei is sharing what he found about suriage in No. 6 and it does not mean we should do it against the instructions given by All Japan Kendo Federation.

So we need to carefully read these instructions by senseis. And again it does not mean they are wrong. They are sharing their findings with us.

Hope this helps.

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