Kendo in Japan

I have the opportunity to practice with a Kendo group in Japan. They practice in the same Dojo used by my Sensei for another budo, and he has offered to make an introduction for me to practice with them throughout my next visit.

My question is about what I should take? I don’t practice Kendo, but I do have my own Bogu and Shinai, as we often use them to safely practice Kenjutsu Kata at full speed.

Would it be presumptuous or give the wrong impression to take Bogu? And should I just go in Keikogi?

Or will it look like I am very keen, and interested in training well while I’m there?

Thank you

Answer: I am so sorry for the delay of my reply. It’s been more than one moth since you posted your question here. So, it is quite likely my advice is not really useful for you.

I think for your experience, it is a good idea to take lessons from other martial arts. Your sensei recommended so you can officially experience other martial arts.

You have permission from your sensei. Now you need permission from the group of martial art that you are trying. And listen to what that group leader says. You need to follow their rules.

You should ask them what you need to bring as a beginner. Always ask first. In kendo, we don’t usually put a bogu on on the first day of training. So you don’t really need a set of bogu.

Again sorry about the delay of reply.

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