Kendo has helped me find friends, improve my life and improve my health

by Christopher
(Cincinnati, OH USA)

I've had quite a few benefits to Kendo, but I'll just list the most important ones.

Kendo has allowed me to adjust to my new home very quickly by finding great people with the same interest within a week of moving. With this, it's really great to know that you will always find friends very quickly as long as you share the same interest in Kendo as the established people do.

It has also physically helped me out. I was never known as an athletic person, but the extra exercise really helped with my athleticism and helped me gain weight in terms of muscle mass (I was a VERY thin person). Now I feel like I can do much more with myself.

During practice, we have to always find ways to improve ourselves whether the task is big or small. I have also applied this to myself outside of Kendo with my job and general like to make sure that I am constantly finding ways to be more efficient and accurate with everything.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for your post. Friends are very important. I just wrote an article about “Friendship and Club” so I really understand what you are talking about. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

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