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Simply you get more contents from me as a member and earlier access to them. What you get for free here at Kendo-Guide.Com, Kendo-Podcast.Com and YouTube Channel, I made them for the members first. What more do the members get?

Privileges of the Members

Other than early access to my contents and members-only contents, you will have more. There are 4 tiers of the membership; Bronze, Pearl, Gold and Platinum. Each membership has its own privileges.

For example, Platinum members can

  • download every video I create,
  • get "One on One" instruction on kendo once per month (Skype [Max: 45 min] or send a training video for me to review your training,
  • receive a physical copy of the products such as books and DVDs that I create (when requested)

All the Members Receive

Watch Videos with No InterruptionWatch Videos with No Interruption
Name Credited Unless You Want toName Credited Unless You Want to

Every member can watch the videos without ads interruption. And your name will be credited on my kendo videos and books. If you don't want your name appeared on any of my kendo contents, your name won't appear. Just tell me.

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Anything Else?

Yes. You will help me financially a lot.

I love kendo. Kendo is my life. Kendo changed my life. If it is not for kendo, I didn’t go to New Zealand and Guatemala and ended up living in America. I want everyone to know how wonderful kendo is. Without kendo, I have not gone to many places or have met a lot of people all over the world.

I wanted to share what I learned from my senseis and great senseis I have met and been influenced by. So I started making the kendo contents to share what I know. I love it and I want to keep doing it. And I want to spend more time to share what I learn with you.

But I didn’t realise how it was money and time consuming until I actually started making contents. I don't want to make crappy contents. I want to make sure that you can benefit from my contents. 

fundraising for quality contents

This members site started as fundraising to create kendo contents. The members get all the creations before anyone else. And also they get members-only contents that I don’t (can’t...maybe) make it available to the public. 

All the contents are created based on my experiences and constant learning efforts of purchasing DVDs, magazines and books from Japan and also of attending to seminars.

When you become a member of Kendo-Guide.Com members site, you are helping me financially so I can keep creating more contents. And that is why the members get my kendo contents before anyone else and also exclusive contents. 

Please consider to become a member. Money is not everything but it is necessary to keep going. How much do I want you to support me financially per month? $1 is great! $2 is great! If you can give me money of a fast food meal deal per month, that would be great! 

If you want quality video, podcast and written contents, help me out through the membership, purchasing the products and subscribing/sharing/liking my contents on Social Media. 

Thank you!

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