Kendo Exchange?

by Rocio G
(Guamatela/Costa Rica)

Hi I am writing from Guatemala, I am currently on my 6th year of training Kendo on a regular basis, I have just acquired my Ni Dan and I am ranked the highest female in Central America.

I was looking through the information on the site and was wondering what you would think is possible to arrange for a possible kendo exchange. I just got married, and I'm living back and forth within Guatemala and Costa Rica. I would love to know what we can arrange.

Answer: Rocio! Como estas! Feliciones por tu 2-dan y marriage! (hope it is right Spanish)

Tell me more about kendō exchange that you are thinking. Do you want to go to somewhere, say USA and someone from the dōjō you go to can come to your dōjō?

What I am thinking and strongly wish is that we can get some Japanese kendo people to USA and have they home stay at the local kendo people's houses.

And then we can go and home stay with those who came to USA.

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