Kendo and weight loss

by David

Does Kendo training help people lose weight or stay in reasonable shape?

The reason I ask is because I think it would be a fun way of losing weight even if it taught me nothing about self-defence.

I have practiced a bit of Hapkido before but that did not help me stay in reasonable shape. Is there any evidence whatsoever to suggest that doing a martial art helps with fitness or trimming down?

Answer: I am sure that kendō helps you to lose weight but if you go to a bar after training, which kendō people love to do, then it is very hard to lose weight. :)

I am not an expert in exercise in general so I don’t really know how much you should exercise to lose certain weight.

Kendō at the early stage may seem boring to many beginners. However, kendō training may be one of the hardest training.

The problem is that many people quit before they see any results. Kendō is not designed for weight loss so unlike those fitness programs it may take a long time to see the result.

Of course, you have to think about what you eat and drink as well. But we still move around in kendō so I am sure kendō can help us to fit.


If you are talking about blocking punching and kicking and attacking back, you are right. Kendō does not teach any of that.

But kendō teaches the ultimate self-defence though.

Don’t fight.

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