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Aug 04, 2010
I think...
by: Chris

I joined kendo because I thought it would be fun (and it is!) and give me some good sense of discipline.

But I think the drawback for kendo is's hard to practice at home unless one has a very high ceiling or a shortened shinai that is made for practice at home.

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Jun 24, 2010
My reasons
by: Z (a Dutch kendoka)

Sharing my opinion as requested by sensei.

1&2) I chose Kendo because I wanted to do a martial art focused on the sword that had 1-on-1 competition, a lot of physical exercise and practical use on the battlefield (or sparring). Therefore I preferred Kendo over Iaido.

3&4) I also do Medieval European Martial Arts (MEMA, basically European Kouryu Bujutsu), which also involves swords but also wrestling, knife fighting, spear fighting, sword & buckler fighting etc.

The style of European sword fighting compared to kendo is completely different (especially since European swords have 2 edges) but since kendo is the very basis of sword fighting a lot that I learn doing kendo is stuff that I can use during sparring and competitions for European sword fighting.

I have also learned that wrestling and knife fighting form as basis for sword fighting as a whole. A lot of the mechanisms involved in wrestling and knife fighting are also used in sword fighting. However since kendo has been stripped down to the very basics of sword fighting it is not possible to use all the techniques that were once used on the battlefield during a kendo match. I can do that during European martial arts sparring and contests though.

So for me, kendo is where I learn the attitude and the motion of a good sword stroke that I should have for approaching fights and MEMA is where I learn about the possibilities or techniques. I think those two perfectly accompany each, and even though one is European and the other is Japanese, the similarities are fascinating.

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Jun 23, 2010
Why practice kendo
by: tmbrwlf

For myself, I was looking to pick up a martial art again after a number of years of not training. I used to study karate, and found that it had lost some of the focus and discipline I used to remember.

After a bit of investigating, I came across kendo and it provided the promise of both physical and mental discipline, as well as strong etiquette. My feeling is that kendo has remained more rooted in tradition that other martial arts and has maintained it traditional values.

I've been training for almost a year and a half now and love every aspect. I think you either become almost addicted to kendo, or not.

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Jun 21, 2010
Re: Kendo among other martial arts
by: dcedilotte

My view on what should make you choose Kendo over other martial arts is simple. Does Kendo make you tick or not. In other words, you need to choose an art because you like it and think you can adhere to the code of conduct and rules that go with it.

Sword fighting is only one small aspect of what Kendo is. Kendo is first and foremost a way of life. The goal of Kendo is to teach you how to become a better person by following the way of the sword (or the path of the sword).

My reason for joining Kendo was simple. I was looking for a martial art to practice but I didn't know which one to choose. I looked at many of different arts. I wanted something different. Most people I know are either into Karate, Kung Fu or Aikido.

That night, I dreamed of Kendo (not sure why though). The next morning I woke up found a club and ordered two shinais, a shinai bag and some other trinkets. I've now been practicing for almost a year and I enjoy it even more than I did before.

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