Kamon for a non-Japanese Kendoka

by Christopher
(Buffalo NY)

Can a non-Japanese kendoka wear a kamon on their do? Is it suitable to pick a kamon and use it or is there a rule to follow on what kamon to use (for a non-Japanese person)?

Can any kendoka wear one or only after achieving a certain dan? Lastly, where can do kamon be purchased? I have not seen any offered at any of the reputable online kendo dealers' websites.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Answer: Thanks for your question. There are no such rules on kamon that I know of. Kamon has meaning so you should learn meaning and choose one, I think.

I have not seen any kyu level kendoists wearing kamon in Japan. They usually wear kamon when they become 3-dan or 4-dan.

There are no rules like I said but kamon is a symbol of your family. Having a kamon means you represent your family. So to me, it is important to become good enough to represent my family.

You can always go to Shogun Kendogu, e-bogu.com, Maruyama Kendo Supply to get information. I personally know these people so that is why I am naming these three shops.

Hope this helps.

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