Joining Dojo but not sure how long I will be a part of it

by Ray

I am currently a junior in high school and am wanting to join a dojo soon. However, I will be in college in about a year and a half from now and if I were to join a dojo, I fear I will offend that dojo if I go to a college far away from that dojo and would be no longer have the time to practice at that dojo.

Should I wait until college to join a dojo? Any other options? Also the information on this website and your YouTube videos have been a great help, sensei!

Answer: First of all, thanks for your kind words on this website and my YouTube videos. I’m glad to hear that they have been a great help!

I don’t think you will offend anyone at the dōjō even when you leave after one and a half years of training with them. You should start. Just tell the dōjō instructor about it and see what he/she will say. If they don’t like the idea, then don’t join them.

Good luck!

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