Is wearing white bogu allowed during grading?

by umme
(Bandar Seri Begawan)

Last time, I asked my 1st-Kyu instructor whether or not a white bogu is allowed to wear during grading. He said, “Yes”. However, I'm still unsatisfied with his answer.

Please, could you give me a satisfying answer because I am a white-bogu wearer and I'm going to do my grading in July?

Answer: It should not be a problem to wear a white bogu in grading. If a white bogu was not allowed in grading, many people wouldn't pass the grading. However, not many people wear a white bogu because it gets the colour from the blue bogu.

If you really want to know if you can wear your white bogu, you should talk to the federation you belong to. Each federation has its own rules so you have to follow the rules of the federation rather than what an individual thinks. 

Please check it with the federation you belong to.

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