Is my Sensei rude?


Is it rude for a sensei to strike you in the back of the head as you are following through with a strike?  He does this sometimes, and never really explains why or comments on my error.

I have no problem with receiving hits, but it strikes me as rather rude for him to hit me where my men doesn’t afford any protection.

Answer: Thank you for your question. This is another question that is probably common in the ken world.

Is it a very hard strike or a tap? Where exactly does your sensei hit? Is it where menbuton (the top of the helmet or men) covers or where only tenugui (a thin towel) covers?

If you don’t know why he is doing it or you think you are doing something wrong, you should ask  your sensei.

I do tap on the menbuton when my students are passing through to remind them that I am still behind them so they have to take a good zanshin. It is a tap not a strike (whack) and I do make sure that I tap on menbuton not the back of the head only protected by tenugui.

Ken has many “unrevealed” etiquette/manners so if you do not know you should ask.

Hope this helps.

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