Is it right for me to start kendo?

by Amy

I'm 16 at the moment and have recently found an interest in starting kendo. I would preferably like to start once I've finished exams in July as at the moment I'd like to dedicate all my time to my studies.

I know of a dojo as I've researched it, which states on the website that any ages can join and of any physical ability.

I'm just concerned about starting. I definitely wouldn't say I'm fit I don't really do any exercise. I'm of a healthy weight but the only exercise I do is walking to places.

I'm willing to aim to get fit I just don't know what to do. I'm worried about going and then being out of puff and looking stupid in front of others. Also, I'm assuming its ok to start up at my age with no experience?

Just looking for some advice. Thanks.

Answer: Thank you for your question and so sorry to get back to you as earlier as I should have.

If you want to, you should go ahead and start right now. The right moment to start anything is when you want to. I understand you have exams so wait until they are done and go and start.

Looking stupid? Don't worry. Kendo movements are unusual and not many people do them correctly at the beginning. I have been doing kendo more than 34 years and still struggling :)

Remember you are a beginner, and that is exactly why you are going to learn something from a teacher, in this case kendo. So don't be afraid of looking stupid. Be afraid of not starting when you want and regretting later.

Kendo is harder than it looks. And it will get harder and harder. So be ready. If you want to start some exercises, then walk a bit faster. Don't start anything too much when you are not used to. Gradually build up your strength.

If you want to be good at kendo, don't miss any lessons. Keep going. If you don't feel like doing kendo, still go and train. If you get injured, still go and watch training. Keep going to the dōjō. That will become a part of your life.

When you need encouragement, just tell your problem here. The kendo mates all over the world will help you to keep going. You're not alone!

Good luck, Amy!

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