Is it okay to strike kote diagonally?

by Thomas

In my Dojo, we are told to move the shinai diagonally in order to hit the kote- what is your opinion about this?

Answer: Thank you for your question. I will tell you my opinion. For the basics, you should not strike kote diagonally. Now if someone is blocking his/her men and you see their kote opening. Then you want to execute a kote strike but you cannot strike it without executing a diagonal cut.

Now the important thing is hasuji (the direction of the blade) here. If you are striking diagonally with the side of shinai not the blade part then it is not right. But if the hasuji is right, then it is OK.

This is my personal opinion.

You should listen to your sensei.

Hope this helps.

This is how I learned and am also teaching how to strike kote.

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