Instructor - Isshin Kendo North Country

by John Maisonneuve
(Canton, NY, USA)

Kendo Guide for Beginners (e-book) is a wonderful resource. Even up to San-dan (3rd Dan) or maybe higher too depending on one's Kendo experience, there is many things to learn, confirm and appreciate for one's training and practice. We are especially grateful to Imafuji sensei in preparing this Guide as many parts of the US lack high level instruction.

The Guide covers all the basics and more. Kihon is repeatedly stressed as well as etiquette. One's progress in Kendo is essentially based on fundamentals and here Imafuji sensei main stress is the development and repeated emphasis on Kihon. Actually one can say 'no kihon no Kendo', it's that important and critical. Etiquette and manners is also introduced and explained - another crucial part of one's training.

Another great feature is the occasional explanation why a particular practice is done, the meaning behind it and sometimes the history behind it.

One feature that many will appreciate is links to various videos Imafuji sensei makes available. So you get with the Guide a well-written explanation of the movement or topic plus access to a video demonstration.

One senses in Imafuji's writing an endearing commitment to Kendo, its values and practices.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Guide to all interested practitioners of this great art.

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