Pre-registration for beginner's course

If you are living in Indiana and looking for a dojo to practice kendo, please fill out the form. We are always happy to have new members! We are constantly welcoming new members. So, we are offering a beginner's course. We will contact you when we are ready to have you with us!

Simply type in your name, email address and choose a location you want to attend your lesson in the form. We will contact you when we start your course! * Age Limitation: Participants must be 15 years old or above this time.

About the Beginner's Course: 

  • When: As soon as we have enough participants!  
  • Day and Time: Saturday Morning/Afternoon/Evening 
  • Possible Location: Fountain Square, Noblesville, Anderson (we might add/remove locations)
  • How often do we meet?: Once a week (on Saturday), 2 hours per training x 4 weeks. This is an 8 hour course. 
  • Participants will get a copy of Kendo Guide for Beginners (worth $12.95) and a shinai (bamboo sword, worth $30)
  • Course fee: $200

All the details will be sent to you via email as soon as they are decided.

We are humbly waiting for your participation!

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