Seminar in Indiana with
Traditionally Trained Sensei And
World Famous Martial Artist

Miyazaki sensei and Bennett sensei

Miyazaki Masayoshi & Alexander Bennett Seminar in Indiana September 3-4

 Dear fellow kendō enthusiast,

I am very excited to notify you about this seminar. We are having a seminar in Indiana on September 3 and 4.

My students and I always want to go to a seminar but we always struggle to go. The reason is simple. Seminars are always held far away from us.

That is why I wanted to have a seminar in Indiana. And finally the opportunity has come!

We are having two senseis from Japan. Miyazaki Masayoshi sensei and Alex Bennett sensei.

Their brief introduction is below. 

Masayoshi Miyazaki sensei (7-dan, kyoshi) : His kendō does not get slower or weaker but get stronger at the age of 70. He lived in the old kendō time and also knows how he should train new generations. Here is his brief kendō history.

The teachers he learned from were:

  • Masami Mitamura: Born to samurai class who inherits Tendo-Ryu Naginata-Jutsu.
  • Masayuki Ogawa: Kendō 9-dan, hanshi
  • Takayasu Kido: Kendō 8-dan, Hanshi
  • Hidenosuke Koshikawa: Kendō 9-dan, Hanshi
  • Toshio Matsumoto: Kendō 9-dan, Hanshi
  • Juichi Tsurumaru: Kendō 9-dan, Hanshi
  • Keisuke Murayama: Kendō 8-dan, Hanshi

As you can see, his teachers were all 8-dan and above. If you know about kendō a little bit, you know how great these senseis were and also how hard Miyazaki sensei was trained by these senseis. Needless to say, his kendō is very traditional.

He is not only traditional but also he knows a lot about modern kendō too. He trains university students at Ritsumeikan University. Ritsumeikan University has been one of the strongest universities in Kansai Region and also has been in the top 8 universities in All Japan University Championships.

He is currently

  • Head Instructor (Shihan) at Ritsumeikan University Kendō Club
  • Vice President of Itami City Kendō Federation
  • Instructor at Shubukan, Hyogo, Japan

Alexander Bennett sensei (7-dan): Kendo World Chief-Editor. He passed his 7-dan exam at his first attempt, which is very hard to do. His contributions to the world kendō world are priceless and he published many budo related books. Here is some info about him.

  • Holds the grade of 7th dan in kendo, 5th dan in iaido and 4th dan in naginata.
  • Chief-Editor of Kendo World Magazine.
  • Associate Professor at Kansai University Department of International Affairs
  • Adviser of All Japan Kendo Federation
  • Vice President of International Naginata Federation
  • Main Coach of New Zealand National Team
  • Board Member of Japanese Academy of Budo
  • Publications/thesis/media exposure: too many to list here.

With such background and also his achievements, he is trusted by many budo organizations such as All Japan Kendō Federation, Nippon Budokan and so forth, so whenever important books are translated, you will see his name in the books. He is also in many media in and out of Japan. 

His knowledge of not only budo but also Japanese history helps you understand kendō more. 

Don't you think this is a good opportunity? 

Make yourself available for this two-day seminar on September 3 and 4 and be ready to learn!

You may wonder how much such event will cost, especially without any kendō organization's financial support. If 50 participants pay US$50 for this 2 day seminar, it is not enough to buy two air tickets from Japan to Indiana. 

But the most important thing is for you to grab this amazing opportunity and learn from them. And go back to your home dojo and share the knowledge you acquire with your fellow kendo mates. 

That is why you only pay $45, if you fill out the form below to reserve your spot now; otherwise, the fee will be $60. 

I really want you to take this opportunity and also take this seriously. To be honest with you, I do not want to make this too big. It is great to have a lot of people but with too many people we have less interaction with senseis. If you are reading now, that means I want YOU to be there

So here is what you need to do.

  • Make sure you schedule the seminar on 9/3 and 9/4.
  • Fill out the form below to reserve your spot. 

Once you fill out the form you are eligible to get the discounted participation fee. I will email you when we are ready. At the moment, I need an idea of how many people want to attend this seminar. 

Thank you for your time and hope to see you at the seminar!