In Basic Cuts, Which Arm Works Harder, Right or Left or Both?

In kendo, when executing basic cuts, which arm should be doing more work, the right or the left arm or is it equal?


Answer: Thank you for your question. They should be equal in the basic cuts. There are some things in mind.

Our right hand is away from our body (i.e. it is more stretched out than the left hand) so people tend to bend their right elbow to lift up their sword. If you do that, you will be using more right hand than the left hand. When this happens, your right hand starts taking over and your kendo will be very stiff.

Instead, lift up your sword by lifting up the left hand. When you do this, you will not pull up your sword with the right hand, so we can lift up our sword more smoothly. When you stop your sword, you need to use your right hand as a break.

When the right hand and left hand have the same amount of the power, your sword stops without being jerky.

Hope this helps.

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