I want to create a Kendo training group in my town

by Sergio LLanos
(Girardot, Colombia, southamerica)

Good evening.

My name is Sergio. I am 31 and since I started with Iaido back in January I would like to combine both practices, Iaido and Kendo. My question more has to do with asking you for advice.

I just recently move to a small town and I couldn’t find any instructor neither for Iaido or Kendo. Therefor my question is,

How can I successfully create a Kendo group in this place?

I mean, as far as I can see it seems to be very difficult to encourage people to join/sign-up for a Kendo practice in this place.

I will appreciate your help! Thank you

Answer: Thanks for your question, Sergio. And I am so happy that you are so enthusiastic and I am sure that the kendo community feels the same.

Does the town have any Japanese related facilities? Japanese language groups or Japanese restaurants, Japanese or Asian warehouse?

If you can find some places like that, you can ask them if they know someone who do kendo or are interested in kendo. Maybe they can let you leave some flyers.

If there is no one interested or nothing positive happens, ask a kendo group in your country to demonstrate kendo in your town. And of course, that is to start up a kendo group so make sure you have contact info of these who are interested in kendo.

Do you have any martial arts dōjō in your town? If you do, then there is a hope. So keep advertising.

And if you can, go to your old dōjō once every month or two to prevent your skills from getting rusty.

If you have any questions or concern, feel free to come back and ask!

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