I must use two hands are straight in doing a strike

by manhdung

I have a question about how to use hand in kendo. Many people said you must do a strike with a straight left hand. The left hand is very important. It is an origin of a strike.

I feel I do a strike better (more balance, more accuracy) when I focus energy into my left hand. But I am not sure about a straight left hand. They said the straight left hand is more powerful. I feel I am not natural when my left hand is so straight. My shoulder crouches and goes up. My right hand is always straight in any strikes so it makes my body stands athwart when my left hand is also straight.

So what is the right way in using two hands in doing a strike (for example, a men strike)?

It is very good for me if you include a video in your answer.

Thank you for your time!

Answer: Thank you for your question. As requested, I have a video so keep reading :)

I can say that there are two types of teachings; one is “straight left elbow” and the other one is “bent left elbow”. Of course, it is not my place to say which is right or wrong. Just different teachings based on different theories.

Here is what I think based on what I learned from my sensei.

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