How to understand sensei in jigeiko?

by Olga

During jigeiko with high ranked sensei sometimes it occurs that sensei slaps your shinai away, doesn't allow going through after strike but pushes you back instead. And says nothing, no comments.

You just cannot do anything and do not know what you are doing wrong, what sensei wants you to do if he doesn't allow you to execute even one strike.

In such moments you just understand that it is useless to do anything and continue trying to strike just because you have to. So what might sensei want in such cases and what to do?

Answer: I understand how you feel. It may be harder for you because you have cultural (unsaid kendō culture) and language barriers.

Let me clarify the situation you described here.

A sensei did not allow you to strike and pushed you back to where you started (i.e. the position you started to move to strike).

When sensei does things like this under the circumstance you described, he/she is telling you that

- your maai was wrong (usually too close)
- your kiai was too weak (telling you to shout more or to fill yourself up with more energy)
- the timing you struck was wrong (it was not the right time or opportunity to strike)
- you did not have ki ken tai icchi
- maybe you are supposed to execute big strikes (or small strikes)

And make sure why he/she was doing that to you after training.

Hope this helps.

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