How to train speed

by Olga

How to train speed

They say that in kendo speed means striking in time, i.e. when your opponent is not ready. Nevertheless can we train the speed itself somehow and does it have any sense?

Answer: thank you for your question. Yes, the best opportunity for us to strike our opponent is when our opponent is in the state of kyo. That is why 80-year-old senseis beat us, younger and faster (supposed to) kendoists.

If you're talking about the physical speed, you have to develop your basic physical abilities. And then you have to start coordinating your movements so that you can effectively use your muscles for kendō.

If we you see athletes they don't have big muscles unless they have to left heavy weights. So you need lean but strong muscles.

The most importantly we have to have a lot of kakari-geiko training in order for us to gain speed. We are supposed to “go nuts” in kakari-geiko. What it means that in kakari-geiko you execute as many strikes as possible for a short amount of time, 10 or 20 seconds.

Of course, we must to keep our form together and good but in kakari-geiko you can forget about everything but concentrate on striking.

Hope this helps.

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