How to Train Kendo Alone?

by Brandon King

How can I train in Kendo when there is no dojo where I live?

Answer: Depending on your level, but there are many things that we can do.

- suburi
- image training (watching videos and so forth)
- read kendo related articles, books and magazines
- weight training
- cardiovascular training
- apply kendo teachings to your daily life (i.e. challenge yourself)

If you have not practiced kendo before, it is much harder to learn kendo on your own. Learning etiquette/manners is very hard if no one tells you how to behave at a dojo or how to interact with others. I am trying to cover these topics as well on this website but it is very hard if you are not in the actual situation.

If you are not a beginner, then it is easier to train alone but it is hard to improve. But we cannot blame on the situation so we should keep on training. We have to do what we can do alone waiting for an opportunity to train with others. This can be a great process of our self-training i.e. patience, determination, discipline and more.

Please do not give up because there are no dojos near you. You can do a lot on your own.

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