How to prepare for 1st dan Examination for both kata and keiko?

by Richard

How to prepare for 1st dan Examination for both kata and keiko?

I'm taking my 1st dan examination this March and I would like to know the right preparation for me to do it right in both kata and keiko.

Answer: Thank you for your post.

1. You must know what is required. Each federation has its own requirement for promotion exam. For example, some federations require kata up to No. 5 while others require up to No.3. Some federations require a written exam prepared for the exam while others have applicants write at the exam.

2. You should execute cuts in small movements: To me, if you have 1kyu that means your kihon (basics) is very good. That means your big strikes were good to pass 1-kyu. Now you should show the judges you can execute small cuts.

3. You should be able to show the judges you know what you are doing: A big difference between kyus and dans is that you know what you are doing. Instead of just throwing your shinai at your opponent randomly, you should strike your opponent at the right time. Still you must show the judges that you are willing to go forward to attack rather than waiting for your opponent to attack you (i.e. counterattack), unless you are confident to make your strike a valid cut.

4. Have a good Kiai: You must have a good kiai. This is required as long as you do ken.

5. Just don't mess up your kata: The best kata is to show that you know what is going on but for 1-dan as long as you don't mess up kata, you should be OK. How many kata do you need to perform?

Hope this helps.

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