How to observe in kendo ?

by manhdung

I have a difficulty in watching opponent. Some people tell me that I just watch eyes of opponent. But I don't see it is right way.

It is difficult to watch the eyes after men and I don't feel the next action of opponent in his/her eyes. I think I have to observe my opponent in overview.

But I am not sure and also not good in it. Even if when I watch two kendoka fight each other in dojo. I only watch some parts.

For example, when I watch footwork, I cannot watch shinai in a strike. When I watch shinai of this kendoka, I cannot watch shinai of other kendoka. What is the right way to observe the opponent in your opinion?

P/S: Sorry if my English is not good and also thank you for your time.

Answer: Very good question! You cannot really see what is going on just focusing on your opponent’s eyes. Well, it is very helpful if they look at a target they are going to strike. But this does not happen if your opponent is not a beginner.

How to look at your opponent, we have wisdom. “Kan Ken no Metsuke” Please read the article by clicking the link. And also “Enzan no Metsuke”.

So you should not gaze at one thing like eyes, shinai and footwork. It is the same when fighting an opponent and looking at someone else fighting.

Basically you should “feel” what your opponent is going to do. This, of course, takes time. This needs experience. But that is why you need to practice, right?

So try to look at your opponent as a whole. Even try to see behind the opponent. It is just like driving a car. If you are looking at where you are going and your sight is not fixed on one thing. If it is, you will have an accident, right?

Hope this helps!

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