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Dec 09, 2009
Exercises to increase Kendo stamina
by: Anonymous

One day I pondered this exact question and thought about a solution, tried it, and it worked.

Concentrate on exercises which strengthen what you use in kendo.

ex. A quick forward swing - biceps/delts (lift) triceps/forearms (down) - remember you want small muscles so go for reps not weight.

One thing that worked with breathing is on off days:

Jump rope for 2 minutes pause jump rope for 2 minutes more. Try to control your breath while doing it.

I've found jumprope-ing also strengthens sword twitch-arm-muscles because they're flexing and relaxing the entire time.  The jumping trains you to move constantly and build breath.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for sharing. It seems like good training. Worth trying, I think.

Sep 16, 2009
Peeling potatos
by: Anonymous

Thanx for responding with encouragement!  I appreciate your feedback. Today as I peeled potatoes I peeled with my left hand gripping with my pinkie and ring and held the potato like an egg with my right to try to get the feel in my hands of taking chudan.

Answer: Don?t break the egg! Just in case, have a frying pan ready below the egg :)

Sep 15, 2009
More Kiai
by: Matt

If you are tiring easily during jigeiko or shiai you may need more kiai.

It seems counterintuitive because kiai tends you make one out of breath and more fatigued, but when you feel like you cannot kiai any more is when you need to do it the loudest.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for an excellent advice. ?when you feel like you cannot kiai any more? is actually our physical limit. So that is why we have to have more kiai. Kiai, in this case the shout, encourage us to keep going.

This is how we develop our stamina (physical and mental) in kendo. But don?t push yourself too hard!

Sep 13, 2009
movement and stamina
by: michelle

Blake is right about specific training for specific activities. I simply love to dance so I can dance for hours without a break and feel energized - but I walk slower than many people and take it easier in the intensity of my movements off a dance floor or studio. 

As a newbie to kendo I try to incorporate the rhythm of kendo breathing and movement into my dancing to gain stamina in kendo training.  I say kendo training cuz at this point I have not experienced kendo just some training to learn to do kendo.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your comment. Thinking kendo movements anytime and anywhere is a method I suggest doing to my students. Kendo becomes a part of our life and life becomes a part of our life. When that happens, we improve kendo and our life. That is what I think.

Jan 02, 2009
How to increase your endurance in Kendo
by: Blake Bennett

My name is Blake Bennett and I live and train Kendo in NZ. I have 5th Dan and have recently completed a degree in Sport Coaching, so I might be able to help.

Your question about stamina in Kendo was answered well by Hiro san, as it is important to be specific when you train for a sport.

For example, if you are a swimmer, you should spend most of your training time in the pool. "Cross training" certainly has it's benefits, but our muscles respond to exercise by recruiting fibres and increasing the number and size of mitochondria in order to produce a more efficient body for the exercise...simply put, if you do running as part of your training, you will basically get better at running!

That said, if you are wanting to improve you general (cardio vascular) fitness, work out what 65-70% of your maximum heart rate is, and train at this level for over 30min. (Seek to go longer as you get "fitter"). i.e. 220 - 20 (your age) = 200 x 0.65/0.7 = 130/140bpm. this formula tells you that you need to have your heart rate no lower than 130 beats per minute when you train (for 30 min or more) in order to see improvements in your stamina/endurance.

Again, it is really important that you do Kendo to get good at Kendo. (I have Mountain bikers in my Kendo class that are extremely "fit", but can?t keep up with other people that only do Kendo!)

Therefore, do as Hiro san suggested with the Kakarigeiko, Uchikomi, and Kirikaeshi and apply the formula that I have suggested also. You will find that your average heart rate over the duration of a training (30 min or more, several times per week) will be improving your "Kendo fitness". Don?t forget also, the more you train, the easier it will get!

Hope this helps!

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your excellent advice, Blake. We all appreciate your expertise since there are not many sports trainers specialised in kendo in the world.

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