How to improve my speed during keiko

by eli

I have been practicing kendo for a few years now and I have noticed that my speed during keiko is rather slow compared to my sempai's. Often when I attempt to strike sahsi men, my opponent would have already hit my men. Thanks for your feedback.

Answer: First of all, if you are using the term sashi-men for a small men then please stop using the term. Small men and sashi men are different.

To strike your opponent before your opponent gets you, you can study…

1. Distance (ma-ai)

2. Timing (ma)

3. San sappo

It is true that physical fitness is important in kendo but also you should think about distance and timing. In kendo, we say, “Position yourself far from your opponent but close to our opponent”. If you can do that, your opponent cannot strike you but you can strike him/her. Very interesting, right?

If you strike at the same time of your opponent, the one who has physical advantages will win. So you must learn your distance first. And you must strike when your opponent is not striking, which is one of the golden rules in kendo.

Hope this helps.

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