How to have a swift and strong swing?

At my dojo, I noticed that other people's strikes were very swift and accurate. However, my arms get very tense and I end up locking my left elbow whenever I try to go fast. How can I fix this problem? Thank you!

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your question. This is very hard to answer. If I can see your strike, that would be much easier and I can give you more accurate advice. But…

If you want to try to swing fast, you will get stiff. It is not about the speed. It is smoothness. Try to move your shinai smooth rather than fast.

The second tip is to do it slow. If you cannot swing it slowly in a correct manner, you cannot do it fast. So do it slow and remember how it feels like when you swing in a relax status.

Hope this helps.

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