How to apologize if accidentally hurt opponent

by Olga

Sometimes in jigeiko it happens that you accidentally hit unprotected part of opponent's body, e.g. elbow or above do-dai etc.

Is there any way to show your opponent your excuse shortly? I mean something like after in a safe distance making a rei. What is the better way to make excuse when accidentally have hurt opponent? Is it acceptable in shiai?

Answer: Good question. First of all, in shiai, you should not stop and apologize while shiai is going. If shinpan stops your shiai because your opponent cannot continue because of the pain, then you can bow to your opponent to show your apology. Probably that is what you can do quickly. And after shiai, you should go and apologize to your opponent.

In jigeiko, apologize when you think you want to. When I miss my opponent’s , I immediately apologize to my opponent. I say “sorry” to my training partner as soon as I hit them somewhere I should not.

Hope this helps.

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