How many suburi is enough?

by Min Chih Wang
(Costa Rica)

Hi Hiro Sensei!

I practice suburi (mainly Men suburi) almost everyday at home (using a shortened practice shinai I bought online, to protect the ceiling and lighting fixtures), when I am not training in Dojo.

I read some sources from books, magazine and internet, about how many suburi one should do everyday, and I saw many different opinions: from 1500 to just few hundred, depending on one´s purpose and how many times you are available to do it.

What is your recommendation? Is 300 per day enough (which I do) or 700, as I read a comment from a Sensei from Finland in a website?


Answer: Thank you for your question! As you mentioned, it really depends on what you want to get out of it.

If you want to gain endurance, it is said you should use a bit heavier sword. If you want to gain speed, it is said you should use a bit lighter sword.

Whatever you do, you don't want to get hurt. So when you start feeling a pain, you should stop and that would be your limitation. You of course give yourself a good rest and do that again.

I myself have a lot of troubles so I cannot do a lot of suburi. So I do it very slowly and correct. When I feel pain, I just stop. And I cannot do much at all.

If you do 300 comfortably then try 350. And increase gradually. See how much you can do and know your limitation.

Do it with a heavier sword and lighter sword. And see how you feel.

Whatever you do, do it correctly. That is the main thing you should focus on.

Hope this helps.

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