How effective is kendo?

by Rose

Is kendo actually effective in a real sword fight?

Answer: To be honest with you, I don't know. I've never been in such a situation and I do not have a plan to be. And you must know that kendo is not for fighting others but ourselves.

If you read the concept and purposes of kendo, you will know that kendo is not for fighting.

Also why do you have to know how effective kendo is in real sword fighting? All the budo now is practiced by many for training themselves.

If someone teaches how to use a real sword in a street fight, he/she does not know about what budo really means. So please be careful when you choose a teacher.

Please do not post to encourage “try kendo techniques against other sword fighting styles”. This website does not promote kendo by proving how effective kendo is in real sword fighting or against other sword fighting styles.

Thank you.

Hiro Imafuji
Kendo For Life, LLC

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