How do you train your zanshin?

by Jeong

Is there a way to train your zanshin?

Answer: That is a very interesting question. Let's think about what zanshin is.

Zanshin has two aspects; one is physical preparation and another one is mental preparation after we strike.

Physical preparation: After we strike, we must still be careful with our opponent because he/she can still attack us. So basically we must take chudan. When not being able to take chudan, we should at least face to our opponent.

Mental preparation: After we strike, we must not let go our ki (internal energy). Basically we cannot be relaxed even when we clearly strike our opponent.

When not being able to take chudan, this mental preparation of being attacked or being able to attack is very important.

Can we train zanshin?

Yes, we can. And we should. In kendo training, do take chudan after each strike in any training (the basics and the techniques). When you cannot take chudan i.e. too close to your opponent, then keep your eyes on your opponent.

Zanshin also can be trained in our daily life. Making bed after you get up is another way of zanshin. If you work in service, you follow up your customers to make sure if they are still happy after they received your service. That is a good zanshin.

When something happens, there is always an end. And after the end, there is always a beginning again.

If you look at zanshin in that way, you can train yourself for a good zanshin.

Hope this helps.

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