How do you start a dojo?

by Calvin Heslop
(Durban South Africa )

Hi I'm from Durban in South Africa and although I've had very little training I have always had great interest Kendo and other martial arts and am looking to open a kendo dojo but am finding it difficult to find out

A: What floor size would be ideal? (and for how many students)?

B: What is the average salary for a kendo instructor and where should I look to find one?

C: Where could I order kendo equipment (non fake)?

D: Would I need special permission from anybody?

Any assistance or queries would be fantastic and I thank you in advance.

Answer: First of all, I deleted your personal information. I apologize. However, one of my jobs as a web administrator, I must protect your privacy as well. I know it was your decision but if you wondered, that is why.

And I found South African Kendo Federation from International Kendo Federation’s website. You should contact them.

Answers to your questions

A. If you have 15m x 23 m, you should be able to train it is good for 10 people. We train at a place of 11m x 18m and we can train 14 max. When we have 16 (2 lines with 8 in each line facing to each other), it feels like it is too small. Mind you, I never measured so I am not sure exact numbers.

B. Not sure about it since I do not run one. But if you only teach kendo, you probably cannot make living out of it. Probably you should look around and how much other martial arts charge.

C. Please contact South African Kendo Federation. They should know about equipment in their country.

D. You might have from South African Kendo Federation. First, you must train kendo with them. And you must learn their rules. Rules and regulations differ from country to country. So contacting is your first thing to do.

Hope you can talk to them and find out a way to make kendo popular in your area!

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