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Dec 09, 2017
by: Mark

This is a common mistake that my senseis told me when I got back to kendo. I feel that it's hard to do shinai strikes with the left hand, which means I need to do something about exerting a lot of effort with the right hand.

Mar 21, 2009
Right handed and length of tsuka
by: Santiago B Tejada

Tsuka is too long only when it breaks the point of balance of the shinai. Refer to my comment on "More power in the left hand than the right hand. Why?"

When we studied lever in physics we learned there is and efficient length from the point of pressure to the fulcrum (pivot point.)

Kendo-Guide.Com: His post is excellent. So if you have not read it, please go and read it by clicking the link above.

Tsuka length is very important at the beginning. At the very beginning of learning phase, beginners do not know how things work when they swing a sword.

It is a good idea to adjust tsuka length if we think our kendo is right handed. It is not the only solution but it is something we can do easily.

Mar 10, 2009
by: soyuz

Thanks a lot every body. That was so useful.

Kendo-Guide.Com: You?re very welcome. Many kendoists are out there to help others. Feel free to come and ask questions anytime.

Mar 06, 2009
Right Hand too Strong
by: John M.

Yes, this is a common issue esp. for right handed people. And one-handed left hand suburi is a terrific way to build strength in the left hand. So at my dojo, after warm-ups, as part of our suburi drills, we commonly do left-handed men uchi (also kote uchi), keeping the left hand centered as it goes up and making sure it comes out straight and dead-centered.

Also I noticed with strong right-handed people is the tendency to kind of snap at the elbow as the strike is finishing; snapping at the elbow also puts the force lower on the shinai rather than towards monouchi. So I will point out to the student to keep arms straight but the elbow relax.

Another thing that helps is left wrist strengthening exercises like hand/wrist squeezing device, used by hockey players for example.

Helpful also is insuring shinai when being raised is as straight as possible; right handed people at the beginning tend to pull and thus shinai is not keep straight as it goes up. Do this in front of a mirror.

Kendo-Guide.Com; Nice input. Thank you! It is always helpful to use a mirror and constantly reminds yourself about your left hand. Lift up your shinai with the left hand without pulling it up with the right hand.

Mar 06, 2009
by: Val Serezhkin

Great question!
Very useful info.

Kendo-Guide.Com; Good thing we have this system! Thanks for your comment!

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