How do I know if my kote is too small

by corsair

I've just bought my first bogu but kote seems to be too small.

My sensei said that it will break in, but he hasn't seen how it fits my arm yet (he's just seen the kote). But I'm wondering, how much can kote loosen? This is rather unpleasant.

They put pressure on my thumb (especially when holding a shinai) and keep my fingers together. How do I know if it's too small for me?

Answer: Thank you for your question. If your fingers are together, that is not a problem. But if kote pushes your fingers together too tight and makes it hard for you to bend your fingers to hold a shinai, then it is too small.

When I read about your thumb part, I thought it is probably too small for you.

New kote should feel tight (a bit too small) because it does loosen up over the course of training. But your one sounds bit small for you. But it is hard to tell without actually taking a look at your kote and your hands.

You should contact a bōgu shop you purchased your kote from and ask if they think it is too small for you. They should know about how their products should feel like for their customers. Also they should know how much they stretch.

Hope this helps.

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