How do I know if my keikogi fits too big?

by Tanya
(El Salvador)

I recently got my first keikogi. I've ordered a couple more uniform sets but this summer keikogi arrived first.

I tried it on and even though the site recommended getting 1 size smaller, I feel there's a lot of fabric in my body.

Is there a way to know if the size of the keikogi is right for you? I have a lot of fabric on the chest area and some in the back of the arms.

I can move my arms freely and the length of the sleeve is around 5 fingers thick from my elbow, which I understand is the right size. Thanks in advance for replying :)

Answer: Thanks for your question. That is hard to say. I am not too sure what you mean by a lot of fabric on your chest and back of the arms. Which site did you get your keikogi?

The length of sleeves sounds about right.

If it feels like you are in a balloon then it is too big. Like you have too much space between your body and your keikogi, that is too big. It should fit relatively on your body.

Did you talk to your sensei? That is the quickest way to know. Without seeing you in the keikogi, it is hard to say.

Sorry I cannot really help you with this without seeing you in keikogi.

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