How can I wash/clean the kote?

by Guillermo
(Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina)

My kendo buddy has a problem that his kote are VERY smelly (like 2 week old socks used every day) and it's bugging him a lot since the smell attaches to his hands.

Our instructor told us that nothing can be done and that he needs to air them in the shade (never in the sun).

The problem he has is that the kotes don't dry in the shade at his house (they remain moist when he needs to wear them again) and consequently smell much worse after that.

How can he wash/clean the kotes?

Kendo-Guide.Com: Super good question! I have written some solutions but it was too long for this section. So please go and read this article, Bye bye, kote smell.

Hope the aricle helps.

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